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Welcome to the Black Women's Leadership Network

We are a sustainable and diverse network of Black women who are leaders in organizations and communities. We create open, equitable, inclusive, and supportive spaces to strategize, inspire, and express ourselves. We boldly take risks with integrity, courage and intellectual brilliance in support of our own leadership and leadership in the communities and cities in which we live and work.

Our Vision

A network where Black women can access personal and professional support to reach their full potential on their own terms.

Our Goal

We endeavor to foster a community in which we:

  • Speak our truths without fear;
  • Affirm and celebrate our accomplishments,
  • Make a resounding impact through the creation of a legacy;
  • Facilitate the spaces and opportunities to support Black women leaders and leadership;
  • Advocate for the mentorship of the next generation of young women.

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Why Form a Network for Black Women?

Black women have met historically to build community, share knowledge, plan, and build movements and groups for individual support, liberation and education. Black women have sought it necessary to gather as a group because we recognize the differential impact of how our racialized and gender identities can create sites of marginalization and exclusion. Hence, the importance and value in creating spaces for support and affirmation.

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